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Lawbreakers PS4 Review

Ever since the introduction of jump pads in shooters, an FPS that offered greater freedom of flight was inevitable. Lawbreakers feels like one such result. There’s a moderate learning curve to maneuvering and surviving in-air and within the myriad anti-gravity spheres of the game’s arenas. When you do manage to adapt to sniping on the […]

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2112TD has received a large update that introduces a new game mode and revamps the research system

Refinery Productions’ tower defense title 2112TD has received a major update today that will be available for free to anyone who’s already purchased the game, which first launched back in June. It introduces a plethora of new features and player requested changes. First up, the research system has been overhauled and expanded further. The new […]

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Black Desert Mobile is celebrating Halloween with in-game missions that provide spooky rewards

Another game that doesn’t want to miss out on the Halloween festivities is Pearly Abyss’ popular MMORPG Black Desert Mobile. That means you can expect to see a few more pumpkins scattered throughout the game world alongside a few events and rewards. Season 2 of the game mode Path of Glory has also arrived alongside […]

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Garena Free Fire’s Halloweek in-game event is now underway, featuring a collaboration with EDM label Dirtybird

Garena’s popular battle royale Free Fire loves hosting events, so with Halloween nearly upon us it’s perhaps not surprising they had something planned. They’re calling the event Halloweek and it’s set to take place from today until November 2nd. This will see a series of spooky events taking place both inside and out of Garena […]

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Shooty Quest is a casual arcade shooter where you’ll be slaying enemies with different arrow types

Shooty Quest is an arcade game from indie developer Ogre Pixel, who you might be familiar with from the Apple Arcade title Jumper Jon. Their latest endeavour is available now for iOS and Android and draws inspiration from the 8-bit era, as some of their previous games have also done such as Warcher Defenders. Shooty […]

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape’s new update introduces the Animal Park

There’s been a new update for FarmVille 2: Country Escape for iOS and Android devices, and it looks to be the biggest one since the game originally launched. The Animal Park update invites players to the titular park to rescue animals and collect an array of new species to use in their farms. The update […]

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Smashing Zoo is a chaotic smash ball game out now for mobile

URocks! has released Smashing Zoo on Android and iOS devices. It is described as a “smash ball” game in which you fire balls from a large gun at different targets. These targets take the form of voxel-style objects made from hundreds of bricks, with the main goal being to demolish the entire target before you […]

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PC game NYAF gets a playable parody on Android

Indie developer Alain Becam is releasing NYAF on Steam next month, but there’s a playable parody available now on Android. NYAF is a gorgeous, hand-painted, hidden object game featuring enjoyable and relaxing music. Your task is to find hidden characters on these hand painted backgrounds, earning coins that can be used to buy two dogs […]

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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! will release for iOS and Android in Spring 2021

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! first appeared on our radar back in February following a leak. Today publisher King has announced that the game will release for iOS and Android devices in Spring 2021, with the App Store listing suggesting March 25th, though this may simply be a placeholder as mobile release dates frequently change. […]

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Driving adventure game The Longest Drift out now on iOS

Indie developer Tepes Ovidiu has released their latest game, a driving adventure game called The Longest Drift, on iOS devices. It’s a little bit of racing, a little bit of puzzling, and a bit of adventure too, creating a casual amalgamation fit for portable devices. Its focus is on the story of a woman searching […]