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Baby Yoda VR Made Real In Star Wars: Squadrons Update

You heard that right: Baby Yoda VR. Well, sort of.

The latest update to Star Wars: Squadrons arrives tomorrow, October 28th, and celebrates the upcoming launch of The Mandalorian season 2. As such, all of the newly-added cosmetics include tributes to the Disney+ show. There’s new hanging flairs that resemble the Razor Crest ship and a beskar ingot, for example, and new holograms with characters and creatures from the show.

Baby Yoda VR Arrives

But it’s the dashboard flair that we’re really here for. One is of the IG-Series assassin droid we all came to know and love in the first series. The other is for the ‘Mysterious Creature’, better known as Baby Yoda. Yes, a carving of the beloved critter can now sit with you in the cockpit of your X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Granted it’s not a living, breathing rendition of the character, so you can’t play with him as much as you’d like to, but it’s still a fun little extra. Plus in VR you can at least lean in to inspect him in better detail.

And extras like these are what you should be expecting from Star Wars: Squadrons going forward. Developer EA Motive told us it has no plans for DLC or a Quest port anytime soon, so it’s likely to live on with these sorts of updates.

That said, it’s not the only Star Wars VR experience to talk about right now. Next month will see the launch of Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge, a new ILMxLAB-developed project for Oculus Quest. It’ll have its work cut out for it competing with Squadrons, though.

Credit: Baby Yoda VR Made Real In Star Wars: Squadrons Update