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Call Of Duty Mobile Celebrates Halloween With “Pumpkin Confirmed” Mode, And It Looks Great

Like Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile is getting in the spooky spirit with its own Halloween events. The game’s Halloween events are available right now, and they seem pretty great.

First off, a new game mode called “Pumpkin Confirmed” is available. This is the standard Kill Confirmed mode, but the twist is that players must collect jack-o-lanterns instead of dog tags. An eerie new map variant, Halloween Standoff, has also been added to the mix for the event.

Finally, zombies are coming to the battle royale mode on October 30 to mix up the gameplay in a scary way. You can check out a teaser for the Halloween events below.

Call of Duty Mobile recently celebrated its first anniversary with a gigantic update that represents the biggest patch for the game to date. To further speak to the game’s successful first year, Activision released a series of statistics about the game.

Call of Duty Mobile has reached more than 300 million downloads since launch in October 2019. On Android alone, the game reached 850 million hours of playtime during a “peak month” globally.

The most popular gun in the game is the AK-47, and it’s been used 11.4 billion times across all modes. Another notable number for the first year is 23, which is the number of multiplayer maps in the game currently, which is up from 11 at launch. There are also now 182 playable characters in Call of Duty Mobile, including Russell Adler from Black Ops Cold War.

Here are some other first-year stats from Call of Duty: Mobile.

Top 3 Primary Weapons Used In All Modes:

  • AK-47 assault rifle – used 11.4 billion times
  • RUS-79U SMG – used 11.1 billion times
  • DL Q33 sniper rifle – used 9 billion times

Top 3 Scorestreaks Used (non-default):

  • Predator Missile – used 2 billion times
  • Sentry Gun – used 1.5 billion times
  • Shock RC – used 1.3 billion times

Top 3 Battle Royale Classes Used:

  • Mechanic – used 1.4 billion times
  • Scout – used 1 billion times
  • Media – used 936 million times

Top 3 Primary Weapons Used In Ranked MP Mode:

  • PDW 57 SMG – used 958 million times
  • RUS-79U SMG – used 834 million times
  • DL Q33 sniper rifle – used 793 million times

Top 3 Operator Skills Used (non-default):

  • Sparrow – used 4.7 billion times
  • Gravity Spikes – used 4.3 billion times
  • H.I.V.E. – used 3.4 billion times

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