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Genshin Impact Is Updating How Resin Works, But Players Aren’t Happy

While Genshin Impact impressed fans early on with its Breath Of The Wild-like open world, those who have reached endgame are now expressing frustration with its more gacha-heavy features. One of these, the time-limiting “Original Resin” counter, is getting a rework, but some still aren’t happy.

Genshin Impact’s resin functions as a timer, as is typical for gacha games, forcing players to either wait to resume play or spend money to continue straight away. With its release on PC and consoles, however, resin feels like more of an imposition on Genshin Impact players who often aren’t used to this kind of function.

As it currently works, players can hold a maximum of 120 resin, which can be spent on collecting loot from boss battles, domains, and ley line battles. Once spent, the resin slowly re-accumulates at a rate of one every eight minutes, for a total of 180 per day. Resin stops accumulating once it hits the 120 cap, however, so players who only log in once per day won’t be able to use the full 180.

With the game’s current battle pass, players can unlock rewards when they use 150 resin daily, and 1600 weekly–which is quite a lot more than the 1260 maximum that players can accumulate. This means players have to use extra (often paid) items to replenish their resin to unlock further battle pass rewards.

In the upcoming 1.1 patch arriving on November 11, some of these features are due for a change. First up, the developer is changing the weekly battle pass requirement from 1600 to 1200, meaning players who use most of their resin will be able to regularly claim these rewards. The devs are also changing the maximum amount of resin that can be held from 120 to 160.

While the changes will make a big difference to players who can’t log in multiple times a day to use their resin reserves, it won’t change much at all for the more invested players who are already using their maximum amount of daily resin–and often blowing through it in a matter of minutes, dramatically restricting the amount of time they can play daily.

A patch 1.1 leak posted to Reddit has also alleged that the game will include a new type of resin called Condensed Resin, where players who can’t use up their resin for a day can instead log in briefly and save it for another day–though this still doesn’t address the concerns of players who are looking for a way to accumulate more resin without spending ridiculous amounts of money, or those who want to see the resin system done away with entirely.

Big updates are planned for Genshin Impact every six weeks, with the next one coming with patch 1.1 on November 11. Other changes coming with the next update include a new fast travel item, new characters, and new weapons.

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